Part of her Herbs of Louisiana Collection
in the Jardin Potager Exhibition
at Southdown Plantation - Terrebonne Musuem
in February - April 2013.
A collection of 50 fruit and vegetable watercolors & embossings with accompanying recipes from her mother and the artist's kitchens.

Artist focuses on Louisiana roots

Kris Johnson
Staff Writer

Published: Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 10:34 p.m.

Susan Talbot Hoffman, a Thibodaux artist, has pulled inspiration from her childhood to produce her latest paintings.

Her exhibit, called “Jardin Potager,” highlights a mother-daughter legacy through several watercolor paintings with accompanying recipes from Hoffman’s and her mother’s kitchen.

“As an artist and biochemist, I have been inspired by all of the kitchen gardens surrounding me in our fertile alluvial soil deposited at the mouth of the Mississippi,” said Hoffmann. “These Cajun ‘jardins potagers’ were not only yielding of fresh produce for the kitchen but were endless sources of unusual-shaped vegetables and other related wonders for me as a child.”

Jardin Potager will be on display at in a bimonthly local-artist exhibit starting at 2 p.m. today at Southdown Plantation-Terrebonne Museum, 1208 Museum Drive in Houma.

“We are proud to exhibit the work of Susan Talbot Hoffmann,” said Rachel Cherry, director of the museum.

Hoffman has also created note cards, depicting her prints, as well as a recipe box containing all 50 recipes in her collection.

“As an adult, I see great beauty in the continuing cycles of nature from seed to flower to mature fruit or vegetable. I wish to capture a moment of these cycles in paint,” Hoffman said. “It is a return and escape for me to simpler, happier times. The paintings of this show are made in homage to these.”

Framed originals are on sale at Southdown Plantation. Prices range from $150 to $300.

For information, visit or You can also call 851-0154.

Pictured at right: Cherries Recipe: Cajun Cherry Bounce

Parsley  Accompanying recipe: Remoulade Sauce


Pictured is Basil with accompanying recipe for Pesto



Pictured: Elderflower with accompanying recipe for
Elderflower Lemonade


Right: Ginger with accompanying recipe for Candied Ginger  
Left: Elderflower

Upper right: 2323 Magazine Street: New Orleans Garden District  Upper left: Louisiana Purchase Apartments

Lower right: Corn with accompanying recipe for Corn Soup    Lower left: Garlic with accompanying recipe for a Crawfish Boil


Pictured above mantel: Persimmons with accompanying recipe for Persimmon Cake

Right: Mamou Plant with accompanying recipe for Cough Syrup

Left: Pansy with accompanying recipe for Pansy Salad

Left: Pansy (edible flowers)



Pictured to right: Sassafras with accompanying recipe for Gumbo File

Upper left:  Dill with accompanying recipe
for Cucumber Dill sandwiches

Lower right: Thyme with accompanying recipe
for Catfish with Thyme and Pecans


Pictured: Oranges with accompanying recipe
for Orange Ginger Salad Dressing



Pictured: Bay  accompanying recipe: Red Beans


Lower left: Rosemary         Lower right: lemon thyme

Upper left:  Mint                   Upper right: Oregano