Portfolio of other gallery representations that Susan Talbot Hoffmann has enjoyed during her ever burgeoning career.

Grand Opening of A Work of Art Madisonville Gallery, January 16th 2010

The Excited Throngs Await the Ribbon Cutting!

Front:  Artists of the gallery, Madisonville Mayor
and Chamber of Commerce members

Background:  Blown glass by Juli Juneau,

Left:  Artwork by Michelle Ailee

Right:  Artwork by Susan Talbot Hoffmann


"Beauvoir Revisited" • December 5, 2009- February 2010
Featuring Intaglio Prints of Photo Etched Copper Plates of Beauvoir House,
Along with signed & numbered giclee prints of these etchings.

Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore
“I lived on art, I lived on love”

The Artist

Standing amidst her artwork display

On the openning night of the exhibit.

The Table is Set, The Tree is Adorned

The gallery also offers same day framing

And shown are some of the many

Picture moldings offered.

And Sweet Music Filled the Air

Background: David Hews playing Christmas carols on his saxophone furnished the musical entertainment for the evening.

Foreground: Martha Mabey and Kathy Johnson confer by Linda Jones display of beautiful jewelry.


Be There Drink & Merriment

Foreground: Gallery Director Martha Mabey with Susan

Background: Nancy Gonzales looks on

The Art Stands Alone

Left Front: Blown Glass by Juli Juneau

Left Wall: Southern Splendor: the Garden District of New Orleans

Center Wall: Beauvoir Revisited

Right Wall: Beauvoir interpretations by other gallery artists:
Michelle Allee, Billy Dugger, Mary Pat Forrest, Lori Gordon,
Sarah Hewes, Richard Kopp, Marilyn Masters, Patt Odom,
Norma Seward, Tom Stade, June Ward

Susan Talbot Hoffmann has the distinction of being one of the first artists to be invited to enjoy representation in one of New Orleans newest galleries.  Here are a few of the pictorial highlights from the galleries grand opening celebration on the evening of December 06, 2008.  Since this posting, the New Orleans' location has closed.  Susan's work can be now be seen at the galleries Gulfport, Mississippi location, 1909 E. Pass Rd., Ste. A-2

"The Music of the Night"

Sculpture by
Michael Howes
of Baton Rouge

Right Wall:
Embossed Intaglio & Paintings
by Susan Talbot Hoffmann
of Thibodaux

Left wall:
Collages by
Phyllis Lear
of Raceland

"Shall We Dance?"

Sculpture by
Michael Howes
of Baton Rouge

 Background (left of tree):
Embossed Intaglio
by Susan Hoffmann
of Thibodaux

"In the Eye of the Beholder"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann & Gallery Director Christian


Sculpture by Michael Howes 

"The Business of Art"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann & Gallery Director Christian

Paintings by Gail Hickman

Sculpture by Michael Howes 

"The Prettiest Ornament"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann
Standing next to her embossed intaglio
Cypress Swamp II

Below are photos from a second reception on the evening of February 12, 2009, which saw the unveiling of additional works by Susan.

"Between the Blossoms"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann & Gallery Director Christian
Sharing a pre-Valentine hug in front of Susan's
Louisiana Iris paintings:  "Bubblegum Ballerina"
& "New Orleans Lady"

"Living Ornaments"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann & Juli Juneau
Standing under Juli's blown glass ornaments

"The Irises Have It!"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann & Gallery Owner John Porter
She looking as dainty & He as dapper as Susan's
Louisiana Iris paintings

"A Stand Along Beauty"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann standing before two of her
Louisiana Iris paintings:  "Wake Up Susie" &
"Acadian Miss"

"Under an Ornamental Canopy"

Gallery guests mingling & admiring
Collages by Phyllis Lear
  Paintings by Judy Merrell
While standing under the blown glass ornaments of Juli Juneau


"From Behind The Camera"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann with her husband Andrew
(who provided these photographs)
standing before a wall of Susan's Louisiana Iris paintings

"The Grand Tour"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann standing before her etchings of
the Louisiana Purchase Apartments & John Turpins Home
(part of her New Orleans Garden District Collection)

Proving that many artistic styles can coexist in harmony & in compliment, Susan added more of her watercolor & intaglio art to the walls of A Work of Art Art Gallery during the opening night of a photo exhibition featuring members of the New Orleans Photo Alliance on February 28, 2009.

"Black & White by Blown Glass Light"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann & Paulo "Steven" Diniz chat
while standing in front of Paulo's photos
& amidst Juli Juneau's blown glass.

"Elegance in Abundance"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann
Standing between two of her
New Orleans Garden District Intaglios

Left: Henry Sullivan Buckner residence
Right: Captain Leathers' Mansion

When completed, this set will encompass 20
architectural renderings.

"Mansion Stroll"

Susan Talbot Hoffmann walks along a wall
hung with a suite of her
New Orleans Garden District intaglios.

"Residential Wall of Prestigious Addresses"

The Splendor of Susan Talbot Hoffmann's
New Orleans Garden District Intaglios

Left to Right:  Embossed Intaglios from suite
"Southern Splendor: The Garden District of New Orleans"

 Louisiana Purchase Apartments, John Turpin Home,
Colonel Short's Italianate Villa (top),
Grocer John Adams Baronial Cottage (bottom),
Henry Sullivan Buckner's Residence


"Feline Art"

Photographer Gary Smith and his photos...
New Orleans Photo Alliance Show
"A Work of Art" gallery 2/28/09


For information on how to obtain any of the artwork displayed on the various gallery pages of this website
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please contact the artist directly:  sthoffmann@mac.com

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